Sarah Riggs Amico

Meet Sarah

Sarah Riggs Amico most recently served as Executive Chairperson for her family’s trucking company, Jack Cooper, one of the largest car-hauling enterprises in North America, employing thousands of hard-working union truckers and mechanics.

Under her leadership, Jack Cooper continued to invest in their employees. When other executives were cutting back on health care benefits, Sarah and her team chose to pay 100% of their employees’ health care premiums, including for their spouses and family. She also introduced initiatives to provide paid parental leave, hire more veterans, and establish an annual volunteer day program. Sarah’s investments in her business paid off as they grew from 120 employees in 2008 to over 3,000 employees in 2018.

Sarah is part of the new and emerging group of progressive Georgia political leaders attracting national attention. She is a devoted Christian, wife, and mother who lives her values every day in how she runs her business and raises her family. In 2018, Sarah was the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor in Georgia, running alongside Stacey Abrams on a platform that included expanding access to affordable health care, increasing investments in education, tackling income inequality, and expanding economic opportunities for all Georgians. Sarah won more votes than any other Democratic Georgia Lieutenant Governor candidate in history, and she’s ready now to build on that success to take her progressive values and executive experience to the US Senate.

Sarah attended public schools, and thanks to the hardworking teachers and staff, the education she received afforded her the opportunity to attend Washington & Lee University and then to earn an MBA from Harvard Business School. Today, Sarah chooses to send her two daughters to public schools.

Sarah currently lives with her Italian immigrant husband Andrea in Marietta, Georgia where they are raising their two daughters, Ava and Sofia. She would be the first woman elected to represent Georgia in the United States Senate.

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