Amico Responds to Kemp’s Attack

It’s obvious the Georgia GOP wants to distract voters from this week’s national news headlines about Brian Kemp’s abysmal track record as Georgia Secretary of State – including the recent revelation that his office placed 53,000 new voter registrations, 70% of which are for African-American voters, “on hold”.

The claims made against a subsidiary of my company and one of its employees are completely without merit; we are confident the final outcome of court proceedings will confirm this. The GOP is simply seeking to divert attention from Kemp’s record as Secretary of State which has been marred by claims of voter suppression, voter purges, efforts to close polling places in precincts with large minority voter populations, and his unfortunate choice to point a shotgun at a young man in a campaign commercial. Like Georgia voters, I questioned Brian Kemp’s judgement long before his laughably-misleading press release today.

Geoff Duncan, after a weak debate performance where he could not explain his failure to prevent Georgia’s rural healthcare crisis during the five years in which he collected a paycheck from Georgia taxpayers as a state representative, appears similarly desperate. Or perhaps he simply desires to avoid discussing his use of out of state, “dark money” and personal attacks to win his primary. If he’s willing to play ‘dirty politics’ against a member of his own party, it is no surprise he’d do the same to a strong Democratic challenger.

The truth is, after 14 years of Republican control in Georgia state government, their candidates would rather talk about anything – even if they have to manufacture it – to avoid discussing their records. After 14 years of Republican leadership, Georgia ranks 35th of 50 states in pre-K through 12 education; we rank 47th in affordability of healthcare; and we rank dead last (50 out of 50 states) in maternal mortality. We’ve lost seven rural hospitals since 2013…on the GOP’s watch. No wonder GOP candidates would rather chase rubbish lawsuits than discuss their records.

Sadly, this is what happens when an actual outsider starts to shake up the political establishment, threatening to bring accountability to career Republican politicians under the Gold Dome.

I am proud of my track record at Jack Cooper, and of our Company’s strong anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies. Neither I, nor our company and its management, would ever tolerate discrimination of any kind.

As the Executive Chairperson of one of America’s largest certified Women-Owned Business Enterprises, I am proud of my work to improve the company’s performance while simultaneously diversifying our senior management and Board. I’m also proud of our company’s track record of investing in our people: introducing paid parental leave, protecting our unions, and offering our employees and their families 100% fully-funded healthcare premiums – all because it was the right thing to do.

In sharp contrast with my opponent, whose GOP majority failed to prevent Georgia’s present healthcare crisis, I’ve been busy building a company that provides fully-paid healthcare to thousands of employees and their families.

My record is strong and it speaks for itself. The voters of Georgia deserve leaders, like me, Stacey Abrams and Democrats up and down the ballot, who will deliver real change and honest political dialogue to our state.