Democratic Candidate For Lt. Governor Sarah Riggs Amico Emerges As The Frontrunner

As the races to watch begin to emerge, eyes are on business leader and Georgia Lieutenant Governor Candidate Sarah Riggs Amico.  The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Greg Bluestein reported that “first-time candidate Sarah Riggs Amico sent a message to other Democrats eyeing a race for lieutenant governor with one of the biggest fundraising hauls of any down-ticket candidate.”

Amico is pulling donors from across the aisle with Democrats, Republicans and Independents contributing to her campaign. Bluestein went on to say, “she’s now the party’s front-runner to succeed Republican Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle.”

If successful, Sarah Riggs Amico would be the first woman elected to the position of Lieutenant Governor and the first Democrat to win a statewide race since 2006.

Amico comes from the business and transportation sector, and enters this race a political outsider. “I took a transportation business with 120 employees nearing bankruptcy to today with triple the revenue and over 3000 employees, all with 100% of their healthcare premiums covered. We didn’t succeed in spite of taking care of our employees and their families, we succeeded because of it. As Lieutenant Governor, I will work across the aisle to ensure every child has a quality education from childhood through our college and university systems and work every day to ensure easier access to hospitals, especially in rural communities where too many hospitals have had to close their doors.”