Georgia’s WIN List endorses Sarah Riggs Amico for Georgia Lieutenant Governor

Today, Georgia’s WIN List released the following endorsement of Sarah Riggs Amico for Lieutenant Governor:

Georgia’s WIN List Endorsed Candidate for Georgia Lieutenant Governor is Sarah Riggs Amico. Sarah is a proud business owner of Jack Cooper Holdings Corp., employing thousands of union truckers and mechanics as the largest over-the-road transporter of light-vehicles in both the us and Canada. She is a wife, a mother, and believes that there’s no problem we can’t solve if we work together.

Sarah is a product of a public school education, which successfully prepared her to go on to earn her degrees. Sarah graduated from Washington & Lee University with a B.A. in Politics with honors and earned her MBA from the Harvard Business School. She chooses to send her own children to public school in Cobb County because she believes in Georgia’s public education system. She believes that all our children should have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Sarah has spent her career solving problems people thought were not fixable. She strived to make smart investments in her workers at Jack Cooper and to show that doing the ‘right thing’ is the best way to create growth. She will do the same for Georgians — whether red, blue, or purple. She believes that we all deserve better than career politicians offering excuses for unimpressive results.

Sarah intends to increase access to affordable health care in Georgia. She believes every Georgia child should have a quality education regardless of their zip code. And she will work for efficient government that cuts ineffective programs and bureaucratic red tape and taxes. She will strive to develop better job opportunities for all Georgians.