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Economy and Workers Rights

The American economy is letting working families down – benefiting the very wealthiest at the expense of the working and middle class. That is why unions matter so much. Because it’s not you against the world; it’s all of us. When working people stand together, we have power—power to negotiate for higher wages, power to negotiate for better health care, and the power to change the system. More and more people right now are recognizing the power of collective action. The labor movement is having a moment.

Sarah has steadfastly stood by our brothers and sisters in labor. That is why she received the first labor endorsement in this race—and an additional four more since. She remains the only candidate in the race with the support of labor unions. In an industry that used to have more than 40 union suppliers in the 1980s, her family’s company remains one of only two union suppliers remaining in 2020. Sarah has always fought for the men, women, and families she employed to make sure they have quality health care, benefits, and retirement plans.

The current economic crisis, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, is worsening the burdens of America’s working families—from affordable health insurance to fair wages to growing unemployment. It’s never been more important that Georgians elect a Senator who will go to bat for working people. That’s what Sarah has done her entire career, and it’s exactly what she’ll do in the U.S. Senate.

When Sarah is elected, she will bring the fight for working families to the Senate. She supports raising the minimum wage so that workers can provide for their families. Sarah also supports the PRO Act to give power back to working people so they can share in the profits they work so hard to create. She will fight to increase career and technical training opportunities and deliver in-demand skills to students at no cost to them. And Sarah will fight for trade agreements that actually protect American workers and enforce labor standards abroad. Free trade only works for America if it’s fair, and that means putting American workers on a level playing field with other countries.

Investing in people matters. It’s possible. And it creates growth—the kind of sustained growth and prosperity that lifts families into their version of the American Dream, just like Sarah’s grandparents and parents did for their families. The same kinds of investments in working families will create growth and prosperity for America that lasts not just for the next election cycle, but for generations to come.

Priorities for Working Families:

  • Equity. Sarah knows that to build an economy that works for all Americans, we must ensure all Americans have access to economic security. That means equal pay for equal work. That means equitable access to credit for entrepreneurs and small businesses—too often, women and communities of color come up short in this important on-ramp to economic security.
  • Safe workplaces. As a vocal advocate of collective bargaining, and the only union-endorsed candidate in this race, Sarah will work hard to secure safe working conditions. She will fight for Georgia’s workplaces to be free from discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.
  • Protecting essential workers. Those who risk their lives for the common good must be protected. Sarah supports Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Essential Worker Bill of Rights which guarantees universal paid sick, family, and medical leave to employees on the frontlines of this pandemic.

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