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Sarah is a proud graduate of public schools, the granddaughter of a public school teacher, and the proud parent to two children in public elementary school. She knows the value of public education, and she supports robust investments in our nation’s schools.

The circumstances of your birth should not determine your future, and every child in Georgia should have access to quality public education. From daycare to early childhood education through high school and college, we owe it to our next generation to prepare them for the future.

This conversation starts with paying teachers the salaries that reflect the essential professionals that they are. If we’re serious about giving our children the best opportunities in a global marketplace, then the teachers charged with their education should be the best, brightest, and most committed themselves. This means paying teachers a fair wage and incentivizing younger generations to become teachers.

It also means looking at education comprehensively, from the cradle through higher education. As Senator, Sarah will fight for greater access to safe, affordable, convenient childcare for young children. Sarah will also hold our department of education accountable to enforce desegregation and discrimination laws so that every child can learn without fear of prejudice.

Sarah will fight for all Georgia families to guarantee in both word and deed that every child has access to a good public education in a safe and supportive environment.

Sarah also supports fully funding Pell Grants and other financial aid for college tuition, as well as lowering interest rates on federal student loans. Students should be able to attend and graduate from a four-year college without a lifetime burden of debt.

We are grooming the next generation and preparing our economy for the future. If that future is to be bright, then our education system must improve.

Sarah also believes in expanding opportunities to two year colleges, community colleges, and training and apprenticeship programs.

I’m not accepting any money from corporate PACs. We are funded by the people. Contribute to my campaign today.

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