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National Security, International Affairs, and Veterans

This administration, along with Republican Senators, has endangered our country through its reckless foreign policy and funding decisions. Trump and his Senate enablers, including David Perdue, have turned their backs on our allies who have sacrificed their lives in our war against terrorism and are withholding security aid to others for personal gain. Sarah will keep and support a multilateral foreign policy that works with our allies to make America safer, rather than turn our backs to those who help us.

The relationship between the United States and the state of Israel has been a hallmark
of Middle East diplomacy and global security for decades. Sarah knows that this partnership must remain strong in order to make the world a better, safer, and more prosperous place, as well as to ensure the safety and security of the state of Israel. Sarah believes that the United States should be fully committed to a two-state solution with a demilitarized Palestinian state that co-exists peacefully with the state of Israel based on the 1967 borders with mutually agreed upon land swaps. Peace in the region will be greatly aided by an agreement that guarantees the security of an independent and secure Palestine as well as an independent and secure Jewish state.

Tens of thousands of veterans today are homeless, and thousands of veterans commit suicide every year. With VA centers all across the country in dire straits, it’s past time that we make sure that veterans who have served our country receive all the support and treatment they need. What message are we sending to the next generation of soldiers if we can’t take care of those who have returned home after their tours of duty?

Georgia features one of the largest active military populations in the nation and is home to nearly 700,000 veterans. Sarah sides with the overwhelming majority of military veterans who believe the answer to improved care lies in strengthening the VA, not privatizing their healthcare. This would start with addressing the nearly 50,000 vacancies within the VA system — which the Inspector General has cited as “a root cause for many of the problems in veterans’ care” — and expanding medical services for our growing female veteran population.

After years of undervaluing diplomacy, we need a fully funded and staffed State Department that brings balance back to our foreign policy apparatus and places diplomacy and development on par with defense.

Furthermore, after nearly 19 years of war, Sarah knows it is time for Congress to heed the rising bipartisan call to replace the outdated Authorization for the Use of Military Force.

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