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Voting Rights

Voter suppression was rampant across Georgia in 2018. Republicans refuse to acknowledge the bizarre anomaly of the extraordinary undervote in the race for Lieutenant Governor. They have refused—point blank—to investigate the matter, despite what experts considered wildly suspicious results from the voting machines. This is par for the course as they have stubbornly denied the experiences of Georgians, as well as the data.

But this time around, Georgians are going to be even more aggressive about demanding our leaders take election protection and security seriously. Sarah supports legislation such as the Honest Ads Act and the Election Security Act, which will work towards making our elections safer and more transparent. These pieces of legislation are being held up by Senate Republicans, which only plays into the hands of those who want to undermine America’s democracy.

As a U.S. Senator, Sarah will prioritize fully restoring the Voting Rights Act and its protections for historically disenfranchised voters. It’s critical that we protect both the security of our elections and every eligible voter’s right to vote. She supports statehood for Washington DC so that the more than 700,000 residents there can have access to the same representation other US citizens do in both the US Senate and the House of Representatives.

Currently, Georgia Republicans are treating the coronavirus pandemic as another opportunity to further their agenda of voter suppression. For Sarah, the health and safety of Georgians is always paramount. Sarah supports a universal vote-by-mail plan to expand access to the polls and ensure every Georgian exercises their constitutional right. This includes fully funding access to ballot boxes, mailing ballot requests to all eligible voters, and providing pre-paid postage on ballots, so that Georgians who are unable to acquire stamps do not need to be concerned that their ballot won’t be counted.

After the 2018 election, Sarah continued traveling around the state talking about voting rights, access to democracy, and the voter suppression we witnessed last year. This issue goes to the heart of our democracy, and she will continue to be a vocal advocate for ending suppression and guaranteeing the right to vote for all eligible Georgians.

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