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Women’s Rights

It is 2020, and women are still being treated like second class citizens, particularly women of color. Women are the backbone of our economy, our families, and our country. We should be recognized as such and take steps to ensure efforts to deny us our rights, our opportunities, and our progress are blocked.

Sarah supports a woman’s right to choose without exception. She has been pro-choice all of her life and considers choice not just as a political issue, but a personal one. Republican efforts to outlaw choice through back-door state legislation and efforts to defund Planned Parenthood must be stopped in their tracks, and Sarah will fight any effort that makes it harder for women – and men – to access reproductive health care. She will always stand up for not just access to reproductive health care, but reproductive freedom, rights, and justice. She will also fight to immediately repeal the Hyde Amendment, which particularly punishes women of color.

As a young mother who also worked full time, Sarah knows the importance of paid family leave for millions of families. She supports Senator Gillibrand’s FAMILY Act, a plan that would guarantee 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents and caregivers.

Women are still not paid the same as their male counterparts, which is why we need to aggressively fight for equal pay justice. As a female business executive, Sarah has experienced pay discrimination first-hand, and she is firmly committed to ensuring that her daughters grow up in a world that values their labor, skills, education, and experience, and pays them accordingly. Legislation that protects women who seek equal pay, punishes employers who attempt to circumvent the law, and gives women the tools they need to be paid a fair and equal wage, is sorely needed, especially for women of color, and Sarah will be a vocal advocate for such legislation.

Sarah supports the full ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, a critical step in protecting many of the hard-fought gains women have made in recent generations.

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