The Jolt: Rail district in Cobb County dropped from House transit bill


Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, a Republican candidate for governor, has received much of the attention for his comments that directly link new opposition to a jet fuel sales tax break, which would save Delta about $40 million annually, to the airline’s decision to sever ties with the NRA.


The flap could give an opening to one specific newcomer. Sarah Riggs Amico is a trucking company executive and a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. She emailed us a few of her thoughts late last night:

Mr. Cagle used his role as Georgia’s current lieutenant governor to openly threaten Delta Air Lines, the largest private employer in our state. Not for some egregious financial or criminal misdeeds. Not for neglecting to pay taxes or comply with Sarbanes-Oxley. Not for failing to safely operate an airline that transports more than 180 million customers annually.

“But for choosing to listen to customers, their management team and all Delta’s stakeholders rather than Casey Cagle, himself, who is listening to and acting on behalf of special interests who gave him campaign cash.

“The presiding officer of our State Senate played political “stick ‘em up” with a company that provides a paycheck, career and benefits to 33,000 Georgians. Over a donor. Imagine what companies thinking of moving jobs to Georgia must be thinking – Amazon included.”


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