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May 27


Sarah Riggs Amico Calls for Immediate Policing Reform in Wake of Killing of George Floyd

ATLANTA, GA:  In response to the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Monday, Sarah Riggs Amico, candidate for US Senate, released the following statement: “George Floyd should be alive. Firings will not bring him back. Arrests will not bring him back. True justice is ensuring he...

May 23


Sarah Riggs Amico Responds to Trump’s Call to Endanger Worshipers

ATLANTA, GA:  Today, Donald Trump continued his reckless call for houses of worship to reopen this weekend despite the continued deadly spread of COVID-19. Sarah Riggs Amico, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia and devout Christian, released the following statement in response:

May 19


Sarah Riggs Amico Hits Airwaves With Call For Action

ATLANTA, GA:  Labor-backed Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Sarah Riggs Amico began airing her first TV ad this week to promote her vision of leadership that guides America through its current storm by placing the interests of the nation’s working families first. In the ad, Amico offers an extension...

May 14


Sarah Riggs Amico Responds to Perdue Op-ed

ATLANTA, GA:  Today, Sen. Davd Perdue touted the continued reopening of the economy while avoiding the root origins of the nation’s public health and economic crisis. Sarah Riggs Amico, progressive businesswoman and candidate for U.S. Senate, released the following statement in response: “A...

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