Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) Latest to Affirm Labor and Working Families With Amico

Sarah Riggs Amico Announces Fifth Labor Endorsement

Monday, March 30, 2020

ATLANTA, GA: Sarah Riggs Amico, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia, earned the endorsement of yet another labor union Monday, as the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) joined the growing chorus of working Americans supporting the progressive candidate.

SMART is the FIFTH labor union to throw its backing to Amico, the only candidate in the race to have any support from labor. The men and women of SMART join a large and growing list of labor support for Amico, whose endorsements include the Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council (SECRC), CWA, IBEW Local 613 Atlanta and Bricklayers Local 8 Southeast.

“We’re proud to endorse Sarah Riggs Amico for U.S. Senate because she knows that growing a business means protecting and supporting the workers who make it successful,” said Stephen J. Dodd, SMART’s director of governmental affairs. “As a trucking executive, Sarah understands our business and our people, and she’s always been willing to sacrifice for her workers and their families. Sarah knows what it takes to move products to market and people to destinations, and we know that in good times and hard times alike, she’ll be there for us.” The largest railroad operating union in North America, SMART is one of the country’s most dynamic and diverse unions. Its 203,000 members include sheet metal workers, service technicians, bus operators, engineers, conductors, sign workers, welders, production employees and more.

“SMART workers are on the front lines of the fight to keep our economy growing, no matter what crisis they face or what comes their way,” Amico said. “Their support for their members, providing both good paying jobs and affordable health care, is just the example we should be setting for how to treat workers and take care of working families. I’m incredibly honored to have the support of such hard-working folks, and I commit to always advocating for them, their jobs, and their families.”

Amico has made support for labor and working families a cornerstone of her campaign from day one, when she stood on the picket line with CWA workers on strike in support of a fair contract with AT&T. She was the only candidate in the race to do so.

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