Sarah Riggs Amico Calls on Americans to Condemn Trump’s Assault on Decency, Democracy

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

ATLANTA, GA:  In response to the federally-directed assault on peaceful protesters outside of the White House tonight so that the president could take a photo at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Sarah Riggs Amico, candidate for U.S. Senate, released the following statement:

“At a time when the nation needs leaders who bring us together, Donald Trump continues to divide America with actions that defy both logic and decency. For days, Donald Trump repeatedly called for violence to be used against protesters. Tonight, he followed through on his threats. He directed federal law enforcement to assault peaceful protesters in front of the White House. Not for public safety, not for the law and order mantle he falsely claims, but so that he could indulge in a photo op in front of a church while using a Bible as a prop.

Let’s be clear — there is nothing holy about tear-gassing peaceful protestors so the president can do a Bible-waving photo op at a house of worship.  All Americans of good conscience must speak up against Donald Trump’s bullying, his assault on our constitutional democracy, and his destruction of both our democratic institutions and our shared sense of common decency.”

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June 3


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