Sarah Riggs Amico Calls on Perdue to Condemn Trump’s Reckless Promotion of Violence

Friday, May 29, 2020

ATLANTA, GA:  Friday morning, President Trump tweeted a threat of violence against American citizens, writing “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”  The threat came a day after he retweeted a video in which a supporter said “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

In response to these threats, Sarah Riggs Amico, candidate for US Senate, released the following statement:

“Twice this week, the President of the United States disgracefully called for violence against American citizens. As communities plead for justice, Americans from every walk of life have united to condemn bigotry and demand change. The President has failed to do the same. He continues to sow the seeds of spite and division by choosing to use language that directly contributes to a cycle of violence.

Words matter, and we will not be gaslit by excuses from a president who has long celebrated regimes guilty of brutal crackdowns on their own people.

I call on the president’s enablers, particularly Senator David Perdue, to break their silence and condemn these statements. Their silence is complicit support for a president who has once again shown himself to be immoral, indecent, and unfit to serve.”

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