Sarah Riggs Amico Endorses Jon Ossoff – Both Call for Every Vote to Be Counted As Other Races Remain Unresolved

Friday, June 12, 2020

ATLANTA, GA: Sarah Riggs Amico endorsed Jon Ossoff for U.S. Senate on Friday. With multiple other races still unresolved, Ossoff and Amico jointly called on state and county election officials to ensure every outstanding vote is counted and ensure no Georgia voters are disenfranchised this fall.  Jon Ossoff and Sarah Riggs Amico released the following statements:

“I am proud to endorse Jon Ossoff for the U.S. Senate. Defeating David Perdue, one of the staunchest enablers of the failed Trump presidency, is among the highest priorities of every Georgia Democrat. This November, Democrats will again turn out in record numbers, this time to elect a US Senator who will fight Washington corruption and protect voting rights.”

“In the meantime, we must take every measure to ensure that every valid ballot is counted. The Secretary of State must show Georgians he is committed to counting every one of their votes fairly cast in this primary, including the thousands of remaining provisional and absentee ballots. Additionally, as our state’s chief elections officer, Secretary Raffensperger must take responsibility as well as immediate and active steps to end voter suppression in Georgia and ensure a fair election going forward,” said Sarah Riggs Amico.

“Our momentum is unstoppable, and I’m looking forward to campaigning alongside Sarah to build a republic that lives up to our national ideals. We will build a country with great health care for every citizen, with equal justice and civil rights for all, with world-class sustainable infrastructure and a clean political system. I am grateful for Sarah’s support.

“As many other races remain unresolved, Sarah and I are jointly demanding that state and county election officials ensure every single vote is counted. Georgia’s Secretary of State must take action now to restore public confidence in his leadership and present a clear plan to ensure every Georgian can vote efficiently, safely, and conveniently in November,” said Jon Ossoff.

Tuesday’s U.S. Senate primary saw historic turnout for Democrats, in which for the first time in modern Georgia history, Democrats outvoted Republicans.

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