Rep. Billy Mitchell Endorses Sarah Riggs Amico for Lieutenant Governor

Sarah is proud to have the endorsement of State Rep. Billy Mitchell.

I’m proud to announce my first political endorsement from state lawmaker Rep. Billy Mitchell (D – Stone Mountain).

Rep. Mitchell is a 14-year veteran of the Georgia State House and is well-known for his honesty and integrity within the Gold Dome.

From Rep. Mitchell:

“I’m happy to be the first member of the Georgia state legislature to endorse Sarah Riggs Amico as Georgia’s next Lieutenant Governor.

“Our state needs proven leaders, and these leaders are sometimes found outside of politics. In Sarah’s case, she’s excelled in her role as Executive Chairperson at Jack Cooper Transport, one of North America’s largest carhaul companies. In trying times with rising healthcare costs, Sarah’s company didn’t scale back on their employees’ insurance benefits- instead the company paid for all of them.

“True leaders don’t find problems; they find solutions. That’s exactly what we need more of in the State Capitol- someone who proposes smart solutions and fights to make them work.

“Georgia has underfunded our public schools by nearly $10 billion in recent years. Georgia has seen rural hospitals close, and 60 of our counties don’t have a pediatrician. We have a great state facing trying times, which is why proven leadership is so crucial.

“For these challenges, I know Sarah’s ready with smart solutions. That’s why I’m proudly endorsing Sarah Riggs Amico for Lieutenant Governor.”

Rep. Mitchell is an example of what we all should inspire to be- a leader, a workhorse, and a person of respect that goes above and beyond to help the people of his district and the great state of Georgia.

I’m ecstatic to have his endorsement. I look forward to working with him on improving rural healthcare, fully funding our public education system, and advancing the lives of all Georgians.

Welcome aboard, Rep. Mitchell, and bless you for your support.

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