Response to Amico’s “#MeToo Kemp” Comment

I am aware of the statement – I was there – in fact, if you watch the entire video posted, my EXACT words were “that is not to say anything about him [Brian Kemp], I’m just saying that I think succession is probably more important now then any meaning we have previously assigned to that role” (from 30:16 to 31:14).   

Entire Video HERE 

I have no knowledge of any such behavior, and in this era where survivors are often not believed, in no way is my intent to play dirty politics.  I do know that he likes to align himself with leaders who do have history of sexual misconduct allegations, and who openly mock survivors of sexual assault.  I know Georgia deserves and demands better leadership than that under the Gold Dome.  And my point was, that in the event a governor cannot fulfill his or her term of office, the Lt. Governor must be prepared to assume those responsibilities.  I believe I am far better prepared to do so than my opponent.