Sarah Riggs Amico, “This campaign has been the journey of a lifetime.”

This campaign has been the journey of a lifetime. As my family and I traveled the state, we witnessed the profound goodness and rich diversity of Georgia’s people. We experienced the warm welcome and thoughtfulness of Georgia’s world-renowned hospitality. We marveled at the magnificent natural beauty in each of our state’s many landscapes. We have been blessed in this campaign, by this wonderful state we live in and the people with whom we share it.

I am proud of the positive, hopeful campaign we ranfor Lt. Governor. We ran on the simple truth that Georgia can both invest in our people andgrow our economy. We ran on the strength of our ideas and a track record of results. We ran on restoring accountability to our state government, and inspiring voters to demand better from their leaders. That vision garnered 1,828,566 votes for a first-time candidate; I am honored by each and every one.

While the results were not what we had hoped for, this is not a loss.

This was a victory for voter turnout: More than 3.93 million Georgians cast a ballot this year, up from 2.56 million in the 2014 midterm election. Hundreds of thousands of Georgia voters cast ballots this year for the first time, many of them young people and many of them overcoming a myriad of challenges along the way to the ballot box.

This was a victory for decency: In choosing to run a positive campaign about building the people of Georgia up, rather than tearing our others down, we resisted the politics of fear and division which plague American elections today. We showed future candidates itispossible to take the high road.

This was a victory for civic engagement: Our campaign was powered by the tireless volunteers, supporters and staff, who stood by our side throughout this journey. Nearly two thousand donors from across the political spectrum leant their support. Thousands of volunteers knocked tens of thousands of doors, sent hundreds of thousands of postcards, and reached out to millions of voters on our behalf.

This was a victory for every candidate, regardless of the outcome: Dozens of candidates stepped into the arena, many of us for the first time, others for seats that had gone unchallenged for a generation. Each candidate brought new energy into the process and the electorate. We not only ran, we stoodfor something. Our state’s future is brighter because of our collective efforts.

These victories are yoursas much as they are anyone’s. Your support enabled us to explore the art of the possible, to dream big about who we can be as a state and to bring some much need dignity back into politics. For this, I am deeply honored and endlessly grateful.

Strengthening democracy is a continuous process. For all of the success we enjoyed, this election also demonstrated there is still much work to do in Georgia to ensure every vote counts, every voice is heard, and every eligible voter can exercise their constitutional right to vote. My fellow Democrats John Barrow and Lindy Miller will be on the ballot in Georgia’s December 4thrunoff election for Secretary of State and Public Service Commissioner, respectively. I hope you will join me in supporting their campaigns, and their commitment to uphold the values we’ve championed over the last year.

I’ve learned a loton this journey – and I look forward to sharing our observations and reflections with you in the future. I hope, however, that you will also take this moment to celebrate the progress we’ve made, and all that we’ve accomplished together since we started this journey last December.

I entered this race, as a first time candidate, because I was concerned about the future of our democracy.  I watched politics become increasingly polarized and bipartisanship become increasingly rare. I saw our leaders forfeit opportunities to unite us on the hope of our shared dreams and shared ideals. These failures of leadership (not democracy) further the false belief that our politics is irreparably broken, and by extension, discourage citizens from fully engaging in our democratic process. I was determined to do something about it – and, thanks to your help, we did.

From campaign rallies to ballot boxes, in rain or shine, Georgians showed up in record numbers for this election. In doing so, we exemplified the true power and vibrancy of our democracy

Together, we engaged our communities in the political process. We advocated for people who needed a voice and for the candidates who moved our hearts. We celebrated with voters eager to cast their ballot forsomething, rather than against someone. We were encouraged by the power of thoughtful people working together, committed to progress.

Thank you for your supportof our shared vision to build a Georgia where the American Dream is within reach for all of us – no matter what you look like, who you love, where you’re from, how (or if) you pray, or how much money you have.

That’s the world I, and so many of my fellow Democrats, ran to help create. That’s the world I voted for. That’s the world I believe future generations of Georgians – including my daughters – deserve to inherit. Our work isn’t done until that world exists.

As I congratulate Geoff Duncan on becoming Georgia’s next Lt. Governor, my commitment to our ideals has never been stronger. I will continue to work on behalf of these ideals, and the people of Georgia.

Andrea, the girls and I have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Please know that we count this campaign and each of its supporters among our blessings. We are forever grateful.

It’s been an honor to serve as your nominee to be Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor. I look forward to staying engaged in the work to strengthen our state, and our democracy.



Sarah Riggs Amico