Sarah Riggs Amico Gains More Endorsements For Tuesday’s Primary Election

(Georgia) – A week out from the primaries and Sarah Riggs Amico, Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor of Georgia, has earned record-breaking endorsement support as voters head towards the ballot box for May 22nd.

“I think she is a bold exciting leader who is perfectly positioned to help lead our state forward and I am excited about her Campaign.” – House Minority Caucus Whip Carolyn Hugley

“[Sarah] brings with her to this office a breadth and depth of both upper-level management experience and job creation. Her vision of creating a healthy, educated, diverse and robust work force here in Georgia is exactly what we need as we transition into the future.” – State Senator Steve Henson

“Sarah Riggs Amico is a strong leader with the smarts and determination to solve our more pressing issues in healthcare, educations and the economy […] With her successful business background and enthusiasm to serve the people of Georgia, she is uniquely qualified to be our next Lieutenant Governor.” – Congressman Hank Johnson

“I am proud to endorse Sarah Riggs Amico for our next Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. With her incredible track record on job creation and her commitment to solving problems – I would be proud to work alongside her to focus on Georgia’s most-pressing issues.” – State Senator Nikema Williams

“She should be the next Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. If everyone could spend time with her she would get 90% of the vote!” – Former State Senator Jason Carter

“Now, more than ever, it’s more important that we unite our resources, networks, and enthusiasm to create a victory up and down the ballot this November. I am grateful for everyone’s endorsement and willingness to everything that is needed to take us to victory this November.” – Sarah Riggs Amico


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