Sarah Riggs Amico Responds to Geoff Duncan’s Juvenile Comment from AJC’s Latest Article

AJC’s Latest Article HERE

“What a disappointing and juvenile comment from our opponent, a career politician and a prime example of why Georgians are looking for new leadership and a breath of fresh air under the Gold Dome.

I believe real leaders bring people together instead of tearing us apart. I’m proud to have the support of friends and colleagues both in Georgia and across the country – including many Republicans.

Like many business leaders, I have a long, consistent record of finding common ground with people across the political spectrum, and will continue to do so as Georgia’s next Lt. Governor. 

I’m not just talking about putting people over partisan politics – I’m actually doing it. I’ve built my campaign with bi-partisan support, from our senior campaign staff to our donors across the country. 

I’ve already proven I can -and will – lead in a way that leaves the petty partisanship and negative attack politics of my opponent behind.

Unlike my opponent, whose primary victory was fueled by millions of dollars in ‘dark money’ from undisclosed donors, Georgians know exactly where every dollar my campaign has raised comes from.

My opponent seems to lack an understanding of – and, perhaps, respect for – what drives two key industries for Georgia’s economy: film and automotive, which collectively contribute $13.3 billion annually in economic impact to our state. 

As a business owner whose company delivers 4 million cars a year, I also would suggest my opponent do some homework on the importance of electric vehicles in the automotive industry. His team’s comments show he is surprisingly unaware of the important investments in electric cars being made by automakers – including auto companies with significant operations here in Georgia.

Lastly, with THOUSANDS of Georgia families suffering amid an opioid epidemic, I’m truly appalled our opponent would make light of the issue by joking about used needles. Shameful.” – Sarah Riggs Amico