Sarah Riggs Amico Sits Down with Voters to Talk Accessible Healthcare in Rural Georgia


(Georgia) – Sarah Riggs Amico, Democratic front runner for Lt. Governor of Georgia, recently sat down with two Georgia voters in an in-depth, on-camera interview asking them how the lack of accessible healthcare directly affected them in the rural counties they live in. One voter, who was born with a heart condition, said:

“I don’t have insurance and I can’t get insurance because I can’t keep a job, and I can’t keep a job because of my health issues, so I can’t even make enough money to pay out of pocket to go see the people I need to see. I feel like the system almost chastises me” – Dalton Foret

This is just part one in a series of candid interviews Sarah Riggs Amico will be releasing.

Sarah Riggs Amico is the Executive Chairperson of North America’s largest car haul company.  She has created thousands of jobs, while providing fully paid healthcare benefits and parental leave to her employees. As your next Lieutenant Governor, she will improve Georgia’s healthcare and education systems, improve infrastructure, and bring accountability back to our state government.

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