Serve America Endorses Sarah Riggs Amico for Lt. Governor of Georgia


(Georgia) – Today, Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA) announcedServe America PAC’s endorsement of a new slate of congressional, state, and local candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to service and a willingness to put country before party. Sarah Riggs Amico, Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor, joins a growing movement that is helping to lift a new generation of leadership to office.

“I’m truly proud to have the endorsement of Serve America. Serve America’s mission to support new leaders who will put the interests of the American people above politics is exactly what our campaign has been about from Day One. It’s an honor to be among their impressive list of endorsed candidates.” Sarah Riggs Amico, Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor

“These past few years have been hard,”said Moulton.“It’s time for us to get back to building an America where everyone has the opportunity to earn a good living, where our country is safe and strong, and where we have leaders that deserve our trust. An America we can be proud of once again.

That type of change is personified by the candidates I’m endorsing today. They represent a new generation of leaders who are willing to put country before party and actually get things done for the people they hope to represent. These are exactly the kind of leaders we need to turn this country around, and I’m proud to be supporting them this November.” Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA)

Congressman Moulton andServe America PAChave endorsed candidates running for Congress, statewide, and in down-ballot races across the country. Once endorsed, Seth goes to work to help candidates win, providing resources to compete, on-the-ground assistance, and counsel.

Sarah Riggs Amico is the Executive Chairperson of North America’s largest car haul company.  She has created thousands of jobs, while providing fully paid healthcare benefits and parental leave to her employees. As your next Lieutenant Governor, she will improve Georgia’s healthcare and education systems, improve infrastructure, and bring accountability back to our state government.

Serve America PAC is working to elect a new generation of leadership in Congress, state capitols, and in local offices across the country. We believe that it’s time for leaders who have the courage to be honest about the problems our country faces, so we’ve helped recruit, endorse, and support candidates in targeted seats from Maine to California. The leaders we are supporting know what it means to serve our country and get things done.


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