What Georgia Deserves





Better Health Care

As the Executive Chairman of Jack Cooper,  I saw other companies cutting back on health care benefits. Instead, we went the other direction and paid for health care, all of it, for our company’s employees.

As Lieutenant Governor, I will work to increase access to affordable health care. Rural hospitals in Georgia are going bankrupt and closing – seven have closed since 2013 and others could close soon, leaving thousands of Georgians more than fifty miles away from a doctor. We have 63 counties without a pediatrician, and 79 counties don’t have an OB/GYN.  I believe that every child should have regular access to a pediatrician near their home or school, and that every mom and dad should have affordable insurance options to pay for their own family’s health care.

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Public schools are our most essential institution. This issue is personal for me, because I am a public school graduate and I send my kids to public school. I believe every Georgia child should have a quality education regardless of their zip code. That means innovation in our classrooms, rewarding good teachers, firing bad ones, and partnering with businesses to increase vocational and technical training in high schools and community colleges so our students are ready for the workforce.

By partnering with businesses to build apprenticeship and vocational educational programs at high schools and colleges, we can make certain that students throughout Georgia can learn the skills they need to get a job without having to move from their hometown.

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Making Government More Efficient

Running one of the country’s largest trucking companies, I’ve made our business more efficient while growing revenue and creating good jobs with good benefits. As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll work for a more efficient government that cuts ineffective programs and bureaucratic red tape.

Political Infighting

Like many Georgians, I believe that our current hyper-partisan politics are hurting our state. The values that bind us together — family, faith, love of country, and respect for one another — have eroded as our leaders spend most of their time fighting each other rather than getting things done. As a Democrat, I’ll work with both parties- and with people from any and every background- to run an efficient government that delivers real results for Georgia families. It’s time to put people over party.

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I remember in grade school, my parents took us to a park and my dad explained that he had lost his job. My folks had three little kids, a mortgage, and a couple hundred dollars in the bank. That moment had a huge impact on me, and it built inside me tremendous empathy for the struggle and the dignity of work.

As a business owner, we’ve grown our company from 120 employees to over 3,000. We pay for healthcare, plus a great salary. Guided by my faith, I put my own money into Jack Cooper to save jobs during difficult times.

What I see too often is politicians will come to us with the false choice between growth and prosperity. I’ve proven that we can do both–and Georgia can do the same.

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